Weekend Gardener - Growing fresh herbs right in your kitchen

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This week on Weekend Gardener, we're talking about how you can grow fresh green herbs right in your kitchen.

According to Jayla Fry with the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service, the biggest challenge with growing plants in your kitchen is making sure they get enough light. Windows that face southwest are the best but you can also move the plants from one window to the other halfway through the day. You can also use grow lights. They should be installed 4-6 inches above the plants.

If your plants grow stretched out with long stems and few leaves, that’s a sign that your plants aren’t getting enough light. And if you use grow lights and notice brown dots on the leaves, the lights may be too close.

Fry says you do want your herbs to dry out between waterings but not for too long. It’s important to put your finger in the water and feel the soil.

She also said it might be smart to pick up plants that have already bloomed and continue to tend to those as opposed to picking up the kits with the seeds.

For more information, visit aggie-horticulture.tamu.edu.