H.E.A.R.T.S Museum breaks ground on Presidents Park

HUNTSVILLE, Tex. (KBTX) - It was a fitting tribute for President's Day in Huntsville on Monday. The H.E.A.R.T.S Museum in Huntsville broke ground on a park where you'll be able to see all 43 former presidents.

Presidents Park will sit behind the museum and be home to every president from Washington to Obama.

"I can't imagine a better spot. Thirty thousand people a day driving by and seeing it," said David Adickes, the artists behind the project.

Adickes finished the display in 2008.

"[I] saw Mount Rushmore. Driving back the idea popped into my head wouldn't be good to do all the Presidents, not just four," said Adickes.

"[He] did not really have a place to put them, and the fact that we've got six acres out back, David is a veteran we thought it would be great to have it as part of the Veteran's Museum," said Kenneth Lee, the board president of the H.E.A.R.T.S Museum.

Lee says he hopes the park will draw more tourists to Huntsville.

"We will be the only city in the United States to have this type of park, and hopefully it will bring a lot of people into our museum the other, museums that are in Huntsville, as well as money for hotels, downtown. I think it's going to be something great for the community," said Lee.

It will take about two years for the park to be complete, but the excitement throughout the community is already building.

"Since the presidents are our Commanders in Chief, I think putting them here with the Veteran's Museum is a very special place for them to go," said Winnie Sandel, a Huntsville resident.

Since the collection was completed before President Trump was elected, he was not included in the collection. The museum says a second phase that would include current and future presidents could be in the works in the future.

The park is funded by private donations and grants. They've raised $125,000 so far and need about $900,000 more.