Hearne Police take new approach to help prevent vehicle burglaries

HEARNE, Tex. (KBTX) The Hearne Police Department is doing its part to protect not only the citizens of Hearne, but their property as well.

Last week, Sgt. Randal Barrow went around town giving residents what he calls a burglary of vehicle report card.

“Educate the community on what they can do to better protect themselves,” said Barrow.

The pamphlet gives some tips on how you can protect your vehicle and a checklist Barrow has filled out. He checked the vehicles and if they had doors unlocked, windows open or valuables in plain view, he marked it as a fail.

“The biggest thing is leaving the vehicle unlocked. I want to say 90% of your vehicle burglaries, there is no forced entry what so ever,” said Barrow.

One resident who didn’t pass the test was Bernice Edwards. But she says she’s thankful for the wake-up call.

"I went to go get the keys and locked it, locked it up,” said Edwards.
Edwards said she’s glad Hearne Police care and are taking this step to warn residents.

“It makes me feel safe now knowing that the policemen are watching out for us,” said Edwards.