Hard freeze, dangerous wind chills in store for the Brazos Valley

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JANUARY 16th, 2018 -- A Hard Freeze Warning and Wind Chill Advisory has been issued for the Brazos Valley through 10am Wednesday. While wintry weather has come to an end, it will take some time to shake this big winter chill.

After a day of sleet and snow across the Brazos Valley, wintry precipitation is no longer falling due to drier air taking over in the cold air mass.

This is a big push of very uncharacteristic dry air for this far south in Texas. Dew point temperatures (how we measure the moisture in the atmosphere) are expected to fall to single digit readings by Wednesday morning. That dry air, calm winds, and a clearing sky spell out the chance for morning temperatures in the teens area wide.

By sunrise Wednesday, thermometers across the Brazos Valley are expected to read anywhere between 14° & 18°. Average low for the 17th day of January: 41°.

While this is a very unseasonably cold morning, it is not record breaking. Record low for Wednesday is 0° set back in 1930.

A HARD FREEZE WARNING has been issued for the Brazos Valley due to temperatures falling below 25° for more than two hours. In fact, after falling below freezing Tuesday, this could be a 35+ hour freeze from start to finish.

While winds are not expected to be hefty, any slight breeze is going to make it feel that much colder when you step out in the morning. Feels like conditions could be as low as 8° - 12° Wednesday morning.

Pets should have been brought in long ago, along with sensitive plans that could not be covered. Any exposed outdoor pipes need to be covered or wrapped to protect the from freezing and bursting once our thaw takes place over the next few days.