Harmony Science Academy still waiting for approval for school zone

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BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX)- On Tuesday, Bryan City Council postponed a decision to add a school speed zone to Texas Avenue in front of Harmony Science Academy. The delay has frustrated both Harmony Science and business owners nearby.

After years of begging to put in a school zone on Texas Avenue, Stacy Watt part of the safety committee at Harmony Science Academy said she is disappointed to know they are still being put on hold.

"They want more time to look at the report, so hopefully they are going to come back and make the right decision for the students and the families to keep the kids safe and to keep the teachers safe," said Watt.

This past year city engineers and TxDOT put together an extensive study to see if a school zone was necessary and the report shows that a school zone should be enforced.

"The city engineers and TxDOT did a wonderful job on the study I mean they were on our roofs taking pictures and calculating the amount of traffic that blows through here and it really did show the potential for possible fatalities in front of our school which is scary," said Watt.

Business owners like Elaine Centanni with ETC Autos located right next door to Harmony get an up close view of the traffic and accidents that occur.

"Cars are flying down here and there's just too much traffic and maybe a slower traffic and maybe more cautious awareness of what's going on might help because right now there's nothing," said Centanni.

Centanni said she's seen multiple wrecks at the intersection where kids cross and worries that there may be a fatality in the future if things aren't fixed.

"They drive so fast and they hit cars so they could hit kids going that fast you know that's just something that could happen," said Centanni.

Watt said she hopes city council will consider adding the school zone before school starts on August 22. The council has yet to decided if they will put the school zone proposal on the agenda for the next city council meeting.