Haunted Brazos Valley: Brenham's Today and Yesterday antique shop

Published: Oct. 25, 2017 at 3:42 PM CDT
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"I always wanted to have an old building and live upstairs and then have an antique shop downstairs," explained Bebe Hayward, owner of Today and Yesterday.

Hayward bought the building on Alamo Street in downtown Brenham in 1995.

"It was all dark brown paneling and versa tube lighting and drop ceilings," explained Hayward.

So the renovations began. Bebe took photos to document the progress, and that's when she was taken by surprise.

"I took the pictures, we got them back, we were just going through them and then we saw these images in there and they looked like the ghost," said Hayward.

The building was originally built in 1872 as the Brenham Opera House and Bebe belives her ghost is from that time.

"I have a feeling she is from the opera. When we started taking all that off, all that ugly blue tile, that's when she came out. She was like 'Thank you for taking this ugly front off. Let's go back to the original!'" said Hayward.

Bebe says she feels safe with the spirit, but that she does like to play tricks.

One time, pairs of Alpaca gloves went missing, only to show up in totally different spots weeks later. This is after Bebe and her employee searched all over the building for them.

"I came down. There was one pair of gloves sitting here. I went, "I know they were not there when I came up. So I went downstairs and went to go put them on the table with all of the other Alpaca and there was the other pair," said Hayward.

The spirit is known to interact with customers too.

"He turned around and he looked at me and I said 'Yes, can I help you?' and he says, 'You just asked me that, you tapped me on the shoulder'. He was looking around. No, I didn't. I said, 'It must have been our ghost!'," said Bebe.

There's good news if you want to try to experience this spooky spirit. She is often out during business hours.

"People will come in, "We've heard about the ghost, show us the pictures." People will come in and start walking around and seeing if they can find her or see something," said Hayward.

You can take a step back in time looking through the treasures at Today and Yesterday, and if supernatural is what you're in to, you may get that too.

Today and Yesterday is located at 101 West Alamo Street in Brenham.