Headed into peak of hurricane season, the Atlantic is becoming crowded

Published: Aug. 31, 2019 at 8:48 AM CDT
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The National Hurricane Center is monitoring several tropical concerns in the Atlantic over the weekend. The largest being Hurricane Dorian.

As of the 7:30am CDT update out of Miami, Hurricane Dorian remains a Category 4 storm with maximum sustained winds up to 145mph. The latest forecast cone of uncertainty still encompasses most of Florida, however, overall trends have shifted the track a bit further to the east.

While this shift may spare Florida a direct impact from Dorian, an extremely dangerous storm is still expected crawl over the top of the Bahamas. New forecast data also creates a concern for parts of the Southeastern United States by mid-to-late in the week.

A broad area of low pressure in the Southeastern Gulf of Mexico grabbed the attention of National Hurricane Center forecasters late Friday night. While disorganized rain and thunderstorms are speckled across the Gulf of Mexico, the overall odds for tropical development is currently low as this area of interest moves west through the weekend.

A tropical wave rolled off the West Coast of Africa Friday. Tropical development is not expected over the weekend, but increases to a medium, 60% chance early next week. Development or not, this potential system is currently pointed to the far eastern side of the Atlantic basin, expected to remain well away from the United States. Should this become the next named system, it would be called Fernand.