Officials concerned about number of hospital beds available in Brazos Valley

BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX)- Governor Greg Abbott spoke Sunday to address a few concerns for Texans, one of them being how many hospital beds are in the state.

Abbott says that there are 16,000 beds available for patients statewide, and at this time, only 2% are currently being used.

Here in the Brazos Valley, health officials say they are concerned with the rate of growth.

One week ago, there were 16 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the Brazos Valley. As of Sunday evening, there are 59.

The total number of hospital beds available to care for those infected is what the Brazos County Health District says is alarming.

The population of the entire Brazos Valley, ranging from Brazos, Burleson, Grimes, Leon, Madison, Milam, Robertson, Washington, and Walker County comes out to 379,328.

According to Definitive Healthcare, there are 906 licensed hospital beds in the Brazos Valley. Only 50 ICU beds are available.

If you take the hospitalization rate from the epicenter in New York, they are seeing that 15% of those infected require hospitalization. Meaning, that once 6,040 people are infected with COVID-19, all of the hospitals in the Brazos Valley would be at full capacity.

"As soon as we are over that capacity and we overrun the health system It is just a matter of how long is it overrun, how many people die, how many people don't get the care we need,” said Bryan Mayor Andrew Nelson.

That number, 6,040, is roughly 1.6% of the entire population of the Brazos Valley. If the number of cases continues to multiply like it is currently, that capacity could be reached within a month.

It’s these numbers that are concerning local leaders.

"We could be quickly overwhelmed our facilities our capacity to care for hospitalized patients and patients who require intensive care, who require ventilators and some of these models show that within weeks,” said Brazos County Alternate Health Authority Dr. Seth Sullivan.

To combat this, health officials are stressing following the shelter-in-place ordinances that have been put in place in many cities around the Brazos Valley, and if it is essential to leave the home, to wash your hands and practice social distancing.

More information about the total number of beds in the Brazos Valley can be found here.