Councilman Elect finds shredded documents at Hearne City Hall

Published: May. 12, 2016 at 6:10 PM CDT
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The Robertson County's District Attorney's Office is looking into city documents that were dumped outside Hearne City Hall.

One councilman elect discovered the paperwork tossed away in the garbage.

"That's kind of suspicious,” said Tamara Robertson, Hearne resident.

Robertson is concerned about city paperwork recovered Wednesday night in Hearne City Hall's dumpster.

“That makes me feel like there was paperwork in there that shouldn't be,” said Robertson.

Councilman Elect Rodrick Jackson tells us he watched City Manager Pee Wee Drake clearing volumes of city paperwork from his desk Wednesday. Later in the night, Jackson said he went back to city hall.

"I came down and video cameraed the documents,” said Jackson.

Jackson said the papers he recovered are property of the city.

I spoke with City Manager Drake, who didn't want to appear on camera. He admitted to throwing out papers, but says they were just old city council packets.

Jackson claims otherwise.

"The paper that I recovered that was not shredded was finical documents, someone's utility bill from 2002,” said Jackson.

Jackson said he will be turning everything over the Robertson County District Attorney’s Office.

I spoke with District Attorney Coty Siegert who said he is aware of the paperwork and is waiting for it to come into his office for review. Until then, Hearne's City Attorney and the D.A.'s office both reached out to Drake asking him to stop shredding documents.

Some just want an explanation.

"It is what it is the proof is in the pudding, we need some type of answers. Why was it there?” said Robertson.

Robertson County District Attorney Office said they will continue waiting to review the document. We will keep you updated on this developing story.