How to help--not force--your kids to eat their vegetables

Having trouble getting your kids to eat their vegetables? You're not alone--and there is help!

Taylor Leahy is a registered dietitian with Aramark at Baylor Scott & White Health. She joined First News at Four to offer some advice on how to make sure your child eats enough vegetables.

- Exposure, exposure, exposure. Kids will eat what they see, what their parents eat, and what's available. Make sure vegetables are in the refrigerator and on mom's or dad's plates, and offer vegetables regularly.

- Kids love dipping sauces. Some healthy ones to try include hummus, black bean spread, or a healthier take on ranch dressing (mix some ranch flavoring into Greek yogurt).

- Trick them! Mix vegetables into a smoothie (spinach, zucchini) or make "pink waffles" by blending beets into the mix. Experiment with your own ideas and share them with friends.

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