History Made: 2017 Atlantic hurricane season in review

Hurricane Harvey nearing landfall in Texas. (Image Source: NASA / NOAA GOES Project / MGN)

BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) - If you're reading this, you, or someone you know, was likely directly affected by the 2017 Atlantic Hurricane Season. In large part thanks to Harvey, the first landfalling hurricane to hit the Lone Star State since 2008, our view of hurricanes and the tropics is forever changed.

There are many stories to be told over again on Harvey, Irma, Maria, and the rest. In this post, we'll focus on some of the statistics and records that this season set.

Records and notable figures
-17 named storms, 91.25 "named storm days", 10 hurricanes (most since 2012).
-6 major hurricanes (Cat3 or higher, most since 2005).
-Record of 2 consecutive Cat4 landfalls (Harvey, Irma)
-Record of 3 consectuvie Cat4 storms (Harvey, Irma, Jose)
-Strongest storm ever recorded in the Atlantic Basin, outside the Caribbean or Gulf of Mexico (Irma)
-Longest duration of sustained winds of 185mph in the Atlantic Basin (Irma, 37 hours)


-first Cat4 hurricane to make landfall in Texas since Carla (1961)
-first US landfalling major hurricane since Wilma (2005)
-Lasted 117 hours as a named storm after Texas landfall, more than any other (Fern, 1971, 54 hours)
-Rainfall record for a tropical cyclone in the US: total of over sixty inches (60.58" recorded in Nederland)
-Estimated over $100 billion in total damage


-First Cat5 to make landfall in Cuba since 1924.
-First Cat4 to make landfall in Florida (Charley, 2004).
-Strongest hurricane to impact the Leeward Islands on record.


-Intensified 60 knots in 18 hours - only Wilma (2005), Felix (2007), and Ike (2008) have strengthened more in that amount of time.
-First Cat5 on record to hit Dominica
-First Cat4 to make landfall in Puerto Rico since 1932.


-Movement speed of 28mph was the fasted 12hr average speed in the Gulf of Mexico on record.


-Farthest east an Atlantic storm has kept major hurricane status (18.3°W)

Plenty more to be discussed and researched regarding this hurricane season. For a comprehensive report on the scope of the season from start to finish, click the link from Colorado State on the side of this article.