Hold onto your hats! After gusty Tuesday, ups and downs continue

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COLLEGE STATION, Tex (KBTX) - Tuesday comes with a big breath of fresh air, with gusts up to 30mph already being felt before 9am. That north wind will give us the lowest humidity of the week, kick out the clouds, and keep us in the mid 70s at the warmest today. Enjoy!

Wind calms overnight, then we're on our way to the 40s and 50s for wake up time Wednesday. May even be jacket weather, especially north. More high clouds will roll in, but we should still find some sunshine throughout the day to warm us to the mid 70s once again. In other words, two phenomenal days of weather are on the way to take us to the second half of the week!

The low pressure system that brought us our cold front will quickly move eastward today, bringing a chance for severe weather from Louisiana all the way to the East Coast.

Behind this low, we'll keep an element of the jet stream over the state of Texas for the foreseeable future. For now, that means a constant presence of high cloud cover, but we'll need a decent return of moisture and a little more "oomph" before we start throwing a rain/storm chance back into the mix.

Both of those ingredients will come our way as early as Thursday. High pressure will briefly take over today, but we'll see a return of southeast wind by Wednesday, and enough moisture to pop up some showers toward the end of the week. Several disturbances embedded in this Subtropical Jet Stream will provide enough lift to give us daily rain chances all the way into next week.

Our task for the next several days is pinpointing that best chance for storms and which days we'll see the most widespread coverage. Right now, it looks like Friday and Sunday meet those criteria.

Take these numbers with a grain or two of salt, but one to three inches widespread looks pretty reasonable for a one week period starting this Thursday. Stay tuned as we iron out the details, but enjoy the sunshine in the meantime!