Homeowner warns trespassers as digital security advances

COLLEGE STATION, Tex. (KBTX) - A College Station homeowner has a warning for some would-be burglars that were caught on camera.

Image Source: MGN

Saturday, Michael Hnatt’s home security cameras alerted him that two young teens were snooping around his home.

“You hear them discussing whether or not they ought to go around back and if they are sure that no one is home,” said Hnatt. They even looked at the doorbell to see if there was a camera in the doorbell.”
Hnatt says the teens went around the back of the home and started pulling on doors trying to get in.

The cameras sent notifications to Hnatt’s family that someone was on his property.

“They alerted the sheriff and within 12 minutes the sheriff was there and going over the premises,” he said.

The would-be thieves were gone once law enforcement arrived. Hnatt says the incident got him to thinking about what could have happened and prompted him to send out a warning on social media.

“Our concern is that somebody is going to get hurt,” said Hnatt. “In a day and age when people are ready to pull a firearm out. These kids are certainly, for the most part, I think great kids, and they are just doing dumb things like a lot of us did when we were young. A turn of events can really be tragic for many of the people involved.”

Hnatt hopes more young people understand that in today’s world cameras are everywhere.

No one was charged in Saturday’s incident.