Hope for a good soaking: Wet and chilly through Thursday morning

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BRYAN, Tex (KBTX) - The last 24 hours have brought a lot of drizzle, sprinkles, and even regular old rain for folks in the Brazos Valley, but with most of us drought-stricken, it'd sure be nice if we had something to show for all this gray weather!

Most of what has been seen this morning has likely been less than an inch, but we should only be getting started with what is expected to be an overall damp day. The "problem" is, not all of us look to make the step from "damp" to "soggy".

Newest model data has shifted heavier rainfall totals just off to our north, which matches pretty well with some of the rain we’ve seen pop up already across Central/East Texas this morning. That said, areas of 2 inches or more before Thursday midday are definitely still in play, with most of us receiving a half inch to an inch.

Holding steady: regardless, plan for a wet and downright chilly end to the day. We’ll hover around 50 from now through Thursday afternoon, and assuming skies clear overnight, we’ll get even colder by Friday morning. A light freeze will be possible north of OSR, but most will stay in the mid 30s en route to what should be a lot more blue sky by Friday afternoon.

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