Horse skijoring is a new trend for adrenaline chasers

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In trending news this morning, horse skijoring gains momentum, fire dancers celebrate the Olympics, and a fire dragon dance goes old-school.

First up, people at Canterbury Racetrack in Minnesota say skijoring while being pulled by a horse is the latest thing for those who are looking for a little adrenaline boost during the winter. Skiers being pulled by the horses can maneuver through gates and over jumps. They can reach speeds of 40 miles per hour. Horse skijoring is available to snowboarders as well.

Also trending, dozens of visitors braved wind and chilly temperatures to watch the sparks fly on Saturday night as a group of fire artists showed their talents in a performance on the beach in Gangneung, South Korea. The Fire artists were invited by Gangneung City government to join the performers celebrating the opening of Winter Olympics.

Lastly, villagers in southwest China performed a spectacular dragon dance Sunday. Unlike a traditional dragon dance, the folk performance incorporated molten iron fireworks.

The molten iron was heated to temperatures exceeding 1,000 degrees Celsius before being launched into the air by 20 artists, creating an incredible lights show, the way it was performed before the creation of modern technology and LED lights. Traditionally, the short 10-minute performance was held to pray for a good harvest.