‘One Chip Challenge’ causing serious harm to children

Published: Jan. 9, 2020 at 5:18 PM CST
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A chip made with the hottest peppers in the world is now a social media craze that children are doing.

A company called Paqui created the ‘One Chip Challenge.’ The chip can only be ordered online and contains reaper peppers.

CHI St. Joseph Health Medical Officer Dr. Kia Parsi said these chips are not your ordinary chips.

“It has a high content of peppers in it, so it can be very spicy,” said Dr. Parsi. “It’s probably the hottest chip available.”

Parents of students at ILTexas in College Station received an e-mail on Tuesday,-warning them of a challenge that kids are doing involving the chip.

ILTexas Keller-Saginaw High School Principal, Valerie Layne, said that she received an alert to tend to a classroom at her school immediately.

“I was called to the classroom because one of our students had lost consciousness,” said Layne.

Five students shared the chip, and one 15-year-old student did not react well. Before he lost consciousness, he began seizing.

“The restriction of the blood vessels caused him to lose consciousness because of his elevated blood pressure,” said Layne.

She said that the student is fine now, but she wanted to warn others of this challenge.

Diane Carmichael has two children that attend ILTexas in College Station. She said as soon as she received the warning, she spoke to her kids.

“None of us had even heard about this,” said Carmichael. “So as a parent, it just kind of gives you a little startle.”

She said she never thought this would be a conversation she would need to have with her children.

“If anything ends with the word challenge, just don’t do it,” said Carmichael.

The challenge only happens at a specific time of the year, but the chip is still available on Amazon, so be sure to keep an eye on your mailbox and doorstep.