Hottest day of the year? Make sure your AC is ready for it

Your air conditioner is working overtime this month, and it may need some TLC.

Cropped Photo: Achim Hering / Wikimedia Common / CC BY 3.0

That's what Walter Boggan, service manager at R.M. Mullinix, said on First News at Four. R.M. Mullinix is servicing 15-20 HVAC systems per day this time of year.

"You're putting a strain on your systems," said Boggan. "Lack of maintenance causes strain."

Boggan isn't just talking about changing the air filter, although that's important too. Really, he says professional maintenance is necessary to keep your system running smoothly, efficiently, and for a long time.

"Things need to be cleaned, your refrigerant needs to be checked, and typically those are things that the average homeowner wouldn't do," said Boggan.

Of course, R.M. Mullinix is happy to take the job. Boggan says that the cost on the front end "minimizes the downtime and lowers the electric bill."

See the video player above for the full conversation.