House Call: How the 'ugly duckling' test could save your skin

A new, easy-to-remember test may help save you from a worse fate with skin cancer.

As the Brazos Valley heads into Spring Break and general sunshine season, Dr. Seth Sullivan from Baylor Scott & White Health is warning residents to keep an eye on their own skin.

It's called the "Ugly Duckling Test."

"Essentially, you look at your moles, and if you find one that doesn't look like the others, that's when you know to consult a doctor," said Sullivan.

Sullivan says the test holds up well against the decades-old "ABCD" rule the ABCD rule (A=asymmetry, B=border irregularity, C=color variegation, D=diameter larger than 6 mm).

"They did a study where they taught two groups these different methods," said Sullivan, "and the group who learned the Ugly Duckling rule did better at spotting problematic moles."

For more from Sullivan, see the video player above. For the original report in MedScape, see the Related Links.