Houston residents and business owners reflect on Bush 41

HOUSTON, Tex. (KBTX) - Sunday, residents in Houston spent the day saying thank you to the man that served this country and called Houston home. On Monday, President George H.W. Bush’s remains will be flown from Houston to Washington D.C.

As the news of President Bush's passing spread across the country, people came from all over the world to pay tribute to the 41st president. His statue stands in Downtown Houston. That's where Deborah Johnson, a Houston woman, said, although they didn't agree with his politics, she agreed with the man that he was.

"We understood what he stood for and because of the Bush passion this way, America is great and it's going to get even greater," said Johnson.

The Bush's were known for their love of food and that includes the pizza at Fuzzy’s Pizza and Cafe in Houston. The owners set up a special room at their original location on Antoine to honor the president. The room is decked out with plaques, pictures, and letters from the first family.

The couple loved Fuzzy’s so much, there are pizzas named after the former President and First Lady. The president's pizza is stacked with artichokes, mushrooms, Italian sausage, ham onions olives bell peppers and pepperoni. Owners Fuzzy and Rita Hajjar say it was an honor to serve the president and his family for more than 20 years.

"They knew your name,” said Hajjar. “How are your parents? What's going on? I mean, very down to earth."

Since his passing, Hajjar says dozens have come in to check out the room and try the president’s signature pizza.