How concerned should we be about record-breaking energy use in Texas?

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With the high temperatures across state, you can imagine how many people are cranking up their A/C at home--and it's putting a huge toll on the state's power grid.

Over the last few days, the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) has seen record-breaking demand on the grid.

Recently, it's topped out at over 74,000 megawatts during peak hours.

For perspective, one megawatt powers about 200 homes.

One expert says it's a concerning amount of energy, but he's not worried about potential blackouts yet.

"It's an incredible amount of energy used but luckily engineers are doing their jobs so that we have enough margin to stay over summer," said Le Xie with the Texas A&M Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. "So I think all things considered we are having a stressed power grid but we'll make it through it."

ERCOT says they fully expect Texas to keep hitting new demand records as summer 2018 continues.