How to get and stay organized at home during COVID-19

Published: Mar. 27, 2020 at 12:46 PM CDT
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Now that most of us are spending the majority of our time at home during the shelter-in-place during the COVID-19 outbreak, it’s a great time to get organized!

“We all need structure right now, and we all need some rhythms, and the same thing goes for keeping our houses orderly and less chaotic while we are all at home for so much time,” said Michelle Dew, owner of Cultivate Your Space.

Dew, a home organizer and interior designer, recommends starting a rhythm of cleaning and organizing because during this time we are not on our normal schedules.

“There is no differentiation between the days right now, said Dew. “What I think is a good idea for the whole family is to just put into place some type of rhythm of a time to clean up, a time to bring the house back into order.”

Dew recommends that these organizational and cleanup rhythms can take place daily, every Sunday, or whatever works best. She says what also works is that you can all clean up each day to a specific song or podcast.

To help with organizing, Dew has a go-to list of products that can help with any space, which you can find below. To learn more about how to utilize some of these products, see the media player.

Some see organizing as a daunting task, so Dew recommends “taking on one space at a time and starting with the thing [or area] that is easiest for you.”

Furthermore, she also believes that setting a timer also helps. “Find an outside inspiration that keeps you going. For me, that’s like running. I can’t run without listening to something that gives me a timeline or some end in sight.”

An example of space you can get organized in your home is your professional space if you are working from home.

“Many of us do not have designated office spaces or studies from home, and so we are kind of making do with what we have. My biggest piece of advice is to find a space even if it is your kitchen table, and establish that as your workspace and as nothing else. So, your mind really knows ‘alright now I’m at my desk space or I’m at the table it’s time to work. It’s time to be productive.”

This office space that you create in your home should be committed to your office work and not be multipurpose, according to Dew.

To learn more about how to create an organized professional space, see the media player.

Want to get organized with Cultivate Your Space?

If you have a specific space you want to work on or if you are struggling with a particular part of your home, Dew is currently offering virtual consults during COVID-19. In the virtual consult, you get a consult for one space, a mood board, specific purchase links, and plans to execute on your own at home.

Also if you visit the Cultivate Your Space website,

, you can download for free, Dew’s book, "Cultivate a Space of Intention." According to Dew, in this book, she discusses four steps to creating a space that you want to be in, and she covers topics like organizing, style, and how our spaces affect us.

For more information on Michelle Dew and Cultivate Your Space,

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