Local organization offers parenting classes

BRAZOS, Tex. (KBTX) Recent cases of child abuse and neglect have been popping up in the community.

In the Brazos Valley, there are local organizations that help teach moms, dads and caregivers how to safely cope with overwhelming parental situations.

Project Unity provides a variety of benefits for families and one of those benefits is parenting classes.

“They can learn the skills that right now, they’re probably just at a loss of knowing, and we can prevent what has happened in our community. It is tremendous that we are having child abuse rates that we are having, it’s just devastating for the community, so we need to reverse it,” said Jeannie McGuire, President of Project Unity.

Project Unity is partnered with Voices for Children, another program that helps families.

“We’re here to help and the Department of Family and Protective Services is exactly that, they provide services to families not just children. We are always working with parents as well,” said A.J Renold, Executive Director of Voices for Children.

Both services want to advise parents that they will not get in trouble for simply asking for help.

“You will find there’s probably isolation going on in the families where children are being left, where there’s drugs and alcohol. Family members might want to call in and say please help my family, but they feel they’ll get them in trouble, so we just want to say, Project Unity is not about that,” said McGuire.

For more information about where you can get help visit the link provided.

If you would like to be a part of Project Unity or Voices for Children you can also visit the link provided.