Two students arrested for making terroristic threats at Huntsville school

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HUNTSVILLE, Tex (KBTX) - The Huntsville ISD is looking at student behavior after two students were arrested for making terroristic threats.

No weapons were found but one student was arrested Tuesday and the other on Wednesday according to Huntsville Police.

The students are 13 and 14-years-old. The threats come just days after 17 students were murdered at a high school in Florida as well as recent threats at Somervile High School and A&M Consolidated High School in College Station.

Extra police were on hand at Mance Park Middle School in Huntsville Thursday after the threats there.

"It's very concerning. I don't know what else to say you know you just you're very concerned. I think the whole countries concerned about different things concerning our children being at school and them being safe," said Kristie Munson.

Her grandson attends school in Huntsville.

"The first instance came from what appears to be kind of a student that was angered from a group of students and he expressed his anger to them," said Sgt. Mike Legerski of Huntsville Police Department.

"And then the second one appears to be more frustration from this student about other students in a particular class," he said.

Legerski oversees the School Resource Officers for H.P.D.

He tells News 3 they took the threats very seriously.

They don't believe it has anything to do with what's happening recently in the national news.

"It is infrequent but every year I've been in the division for 4 ½ years and there has been at least one per year," he added.

We stopped by the Huntsville ISD Administration Building for more details but the district declined our interview request.

Parents in this district tell us they are still are worried.

The school district and police say these incidents provide an opportunity for parents to talk with kids about what is and isn't appropriate to say and do at school.

Huntsville ISD sent us the following statement:

On Friday, February 16, 2018. a concerning incident was reported to Mance Park Middle School administration involving a student who had made threatening comments directed to a small number of individuals on the day before.

As soon as the report was made, campus administration swiftly responded with an investigation into the matter. Monday was a student holiday, so a thorough investigation could not be completed until Tuesday.

Campus administration determined that the student's comments were of a threatening nature and that a violation of the Student Code of Conduct had occurred. Parent contact was made for the student involved and
appropriate disciplinary action was taken by administration. We are fortunate that at no point was any student or staff member ever in any physical danger.

Huntsville ISD Administration takes this opportunity to urge parents to discuss the appropriate behavior expected for their children at school.
We appreciate the support and know that working together we can
maintain safe and secure learning environments for our children. Anyone with a concerning matter should report it immediately to administration. As student and staff safety is always our top priority, any threat against the district, campuses, students, or staff members will be taken seriously, diligently investigated, and every measure taken to ensure safety for all.

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The Huntsville Independent School District is telling parents that a student is being disciplined after making threatening comments.

In a press release, Huntsville ISD said that a student at Mance Park Middle School made threatening comments to a small number of other students on Friday. As soon as the threat was reported, district officials said that their staff started an investigation. Because Monday was a school holiday, officials completed their investigation on Tuesday. School administrators determined that the comments were a violation of the Student Code of Conduct.

The district wouldn't say how the student was being disciplined. The release said that the students parents were contacted and district parents were notified by email.

The district stressed that, at no point, were students or staff in any physical danger.

KBTX has a reporter in Huntsville working to get more information.