IRS warns about new tax refund scam

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BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) - The IRS is warning about a new scam this tax season.

Having fraudulent tax returns filed isn't a new scam, but now the IRS says some fraudulent refunds are showing up in the real person's bank accounts. IRS officials say this happens when someone's banking information was compromised at the place where they had their taxes done.

A scammer will contact them saying they are a debt collector and ask to have the money sent to them.

"There's always something that's inventive. We're talking about something with people calling to get money out of your bank account today. Tomorrow it'll be something different," said Sam Sommer with the Brazos Valley Chapter of Texas CPAs.

"But again if you remember to always just know it's not urgent and to find someone you trust. You can actually be proactive and prevent whatever the next scam is," he said.

Officials say the IRS will never contact you by phone, but by mail instead.