If you use Google Maps, you use this every day

Published: Nov. 14, 2017 at 4:48 PM CST
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Erick Rodriguez works for Aggiefood.com and uses Geographic Information Science or GIS every day.

You might know it as Google Maps.

"The best thing about it is you can look at pretty much anything and tell the person, hey, you're a house down, or you're in the right parking lot, because I can pull up the satellite view and see exactly what a building looks like," says Rodriguez.

You might not even realize that it's a part of everyday life.

Sierra Laddusaw works with the University Libraries at Texas A&M.

"It's used by every city government to track roads and to look at where we need to do improvements. It is used in higher education and it's used in K-12 by administration for planning things like bus routes. So, it touches every part of our life," says Laddusaw.

The applications are basically limitless.

Think about the next time you order takeout, that delivery driver is using GIS to get your food to you in the most efficient way possible.

"The map itself will actually put x's where the customers are and I can look at the map and basically say, hey, I've got these three orders that are going right next to each other and I could potentially have a driver grab all three of them, depending on where they're coming from," says Rodriguez.

The more accurate the maps -- the faster your food gets to your door.

Texas A&M is hosting GIS Day through Wednesday and the event is open to the public.