Images and plans released for Bryan Midtown, public input still welcome

BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) - Bryan residents are learning more about the city's new "Midtown" area could look like.

Midtown is the part of Bryan south of downtown, all the way to the city limits, bounded by Finfeather Road and Texas Avenue.

Lindsay Hackett with the City of Bryan is one of the leaders on the project. She sat down on First News at Four to discuss Midtown.

"The idea is to create a distinct destination that has its own unique experience," Hackett said.

While the city has ideas for what that looks like, they still want yours.

"Nothing is concrete right now," said Hackett. "The public has been involved...Now we're able to say, here is what we've created, so what do you think now?"

The public is invited to a meeting on August 7 at Harmony Science Academy, 4 - 6 p.m. There, the city will unveil detailed ideas about the Midtown project and invite feedback from residents.

For residential areas in Midtown, the city is looking to implement a plan called "pattern zoning," an idea Hackett says is new to the area and fairly new to the state.

"This is something where the city would be licensed and basically own architectural plans for four different types of development," Hackett said. "So each of these plans could be used by a citizen that lives in the Midtown area."

Under pattern zoning, different types of architectural plans would be available to property owners: right now, Hackett says it could be a small cottage, a house, a slightly bigger house with a couple of units, and one that could be a mixed-use development.

Property owners could choose to use these plans to build, but Hackett makes very clear: you don't have to.

"If you are very happy with how your property is now, no one is making you do anything," Hackett said. "It's just another option that a property owner could use if they're interested in developing something in Midtown."

As for shops and restaurants potentially coming to the area, Hackett references "catalytic sites."

"We're going to have some pinpointed areas within Midtown, and we have drawings of what the specific location could look like," said Hackett. There, developers will find opportunities for public-private partnerships, investment properties and more.

See the video player above for the full conversation with Hackett, and see the Related Links for much more about the Bryan Midtown project.