Imploded dome refuses to fall

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First up in today's trending news, the Pontiac Silverdome in Michigan was scheduled to implode yesterday morning. However, construction crews said the implosion didn't go as expected.

Crews placed explosives in steel beams, which did break off. However, the Silverdome was "built a little too well." Officials say they will "just have to wait and let gravity do its job."

Also trending, a deer darted through two hallways of a Mississippi school, startling students as they were arriving for the day. People jumped out of the way and no humans were injured.

The school's principal says the deer bloodied its nose by jumping and hitting a window three times, then it ran through an open door. It ran between two vehicles in the carpool line and escaped to the woods.

Lastly, grab some tissue as we head over to Hull, Texas where a tutu-wearing pony named "Chicken Wing" helps to heal the broken heart of a 5-year-old little girl.

About a month ago, police say someone broke into a family's ranch and killed Rylee Brett's best friend and beloved pony, "Chicken Nugget." After the owner of his sister, "Chicken Wing," saw the story on the news, he decided to donate her to the Brett family to help mend those broken hearts.