Influx of college students could create larger flu problem.

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BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) - Thousands of college students are making their return to the Brazos Valley, and health officials are expecting another spike in flu cases.

Health officials say our area has suffered from Influenza type A, but they expect two more strands to make a presence here after students return from winter vacation.

"Students all being in classrooms together, between A&M and Blinn, we are worried about it," said Kristen Christian, the Director of Emergency services for CHI St. Joseph. "The flu is going to spread, but we are ready to take it on."

In December, the Brazos County Health Department reported nearly 1,500 flu cases.

KBTX confirmed Tuesday that all three hospitals in Brazos County are operating at full capacity due to a high number of patients with flu-like symptoms.

"The emergency department here, we have been full and very busy." said Christian. "We are ready for this sickness peak during flu season at all times, we just don't know when it is going to come."

Despite all this, health officials say this flu season has been manageable compared to previous years.

Plus, health officials say the flu season may be tailing off soon, even though they predict a bump in cases.

"In the flu season, we are kind of on the downward slant," said Mary Parrish, Brazos County health educator.

Officials encourage good hygiene and getting the flu shot if you have not already.

KBTX reached out to all three major Brazos County hospitals but none would specify if they were still at full capacity. However, officials with Baylor Scott and White and CHI St. Joseph say they are operating normally.