Inmate dies in Walker County jail; investigation underway

Published: May. 17, 2016 at 9:55 PM CDT
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An inmate who had been in the Walker County jail since April 26 died last week, according to the sheriff's office.

Sheriff Clint McRae says a preliminary autopsy on Symone Marshall shows the 22-year-old may have had a heart condition, but full autopsy results are still out.

According to the sheriff, Marshall was initially arrested after a one-vehicle accident on I-45 on April 26. She faced charges for possession of a controlled substance and failure to ID.

McRae says EMTs at the accident checked Marshall and the other person in the vehicle, who was also arrested on drug charges, and that both signed a form refusing additional treatment.

The sheriff says the two were brought the jail, and during her stay, Marshall was routinely checked by jail nurses. McRae also says Marshall revealed no medical issues when she was initially checked into the jail.

On May 11, McRae says Marshall had been up and around and had eaten early in the day, although she had said she wasn't hungry around lunch time. The sheriff says that day alone, Marshall had made 22 phone calls from jail, with three of them being completed.

McRae says Marshall laid down on a bunk and later began convulsing. He says inmates saw it and hit an alarm, which brought jail staff. Marshall was reportedly taken to nurses, and EMTs eventually arrived to transport Marshall to a hospital, where she later died.

McRae says video systems in the jail captured the entire situation, but that video is not being released. Texas Rangers are currently investigating, something McRae says his office asked for following the death.

McRae extended his condolences to Marshall's family.

Honey Marshall, the sister of Symone, is quoted in a New York Daily News article that Symone had complained to her that her head had been hurting, and that she had been blacking out. Honey Marshall says she had called the jail asking them to move her sister to a hospital, but that jail staff would not .

McRae tells News 3 Marshall made no statements to jail staff regarding any pain, and that they are working to figure out what communications her sister may have had with jail staff.