Insurance companies busy processing Franklin tornado claims

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FRANKLIN, Tex. (KBTX) - The clean up in Franklin is taking time and will be costly.
Insurance companies are there for the foreseeable future to help with all the property damage claims.

The southern part of Franklin had a direct hit from a tornado Saturday, while some nearby areas also had severe wind damage.

"It could have been so much more damage. Thank God nothing leaked into the house," said Amanda Suarez, as she showed the front porch of her home in Franklin. She and her family were spared the brunt of the storm.

The winds blew out a front window and caused a pine tree to fall on their roof. Power was just restored to their home Monday.

They're still waiting for their insurance company to visit.

"Hopefully it should be this week. We're just waiting to hear on that. So it's basically just waiting. We were just able to get back to home today and get stuff cleaned up," she explained.

With so much devastation, insurance experts said it could be several weeks before customer claims are sorted out.

"We're looking at a barn in Robertson County near Franklin," said Oliver Sims, as he showed photos of some insurance claims coming in.

Sims is the Anco Insurance Claims Manager in Bryan.

"You're seeing a lot of adjusters come in. They like to do their job, kind of answer their questions as good as you can," said Sims. "Take inventory of everything you have. Photographs are extremely important. The important thing right now is to make temporary repairs and emergency repairs," he said.

“The adjuster is going to ask you to complete an inventory of any contents that you have. Sometimes the structure may not even be there for them to assess. Give as good as a description as you can of your property," he said.

While Suarez waits for her insurance claim, she feels fortunate.

"It's just sad to see homes gone and Franklin in this state but it's nice to see everyone coming together and rebuild, be a community," she said.

If you have concerns about your claim you can also turn to the Texas Department of Insurance as a resource. Their number is: 1-800-578-4677.

Experts say you can also prepare for the next storm by fixing loose shingles and damaged siding, as well as trim trees close to your home.