Bluebell Whataburger mashup ice cream flavor ignites false hope

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In trending news this morning, rumors of a potential Whataburger Bluebell ice cream mashup goes viral and an officer shaves the day, one beard at a time.

First up, a post advertising a Whataburger/Bluebell ice cream collaboration ignited some false hope in many Texans on Monday. The post originally appeared on a Facebook page belonging to the group "Texas Flooding" and has been shared more than 9,600 times.

Unfortunately for many, the post, showing a tub of "honey butter" flavored ice cream, appears to be fake. Whataburger officials confirmed they have no plans to sell this product. We can dream though, right?

Also trending, a Florida cop was caught on camera lending a helping hand and a razor to a homeless man. The man, named Philip, wanted to clean up his appearance before his job interview at McDonald's on Monday, so the officer did it for him!

Passers-by noticed the act of kindness and one person quickly took a video and posted it on social media, which quickly went viral.