Jailers describe William Hudson's 'unruly' behavior

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BRYAN, TEX. (KBTX) - A Brazos County Jury is still hearing evidence in the sentencing phase of a man convicted of capital murder.

Thursday was day seven of the William Hudson trial and the State of Texas rested a little before 5 P.M. in the punishment phase. We will now see what defense attorneys do as they try to save their client's life.

On Tuesday Hudson was found guilty of killing two of the six murder victims at an East Texas campsite. The crimes happened in 2015 near Palestine.

News 3's Clay Falls has been live blogging the trial from day 1.

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We also heard testimony from another ex-wife of William Hudson, Suzanna Reed. She talked about his volatile personality and the reasons why she didn't stay married to him long. They met while both working at Winona ISD. They were both bus drivers, and he also did bus maintenance.

Reed says she fell in love with him and that he seemed kind and personable. After a few months dating, they got married. She said he changed drastically after that. She had children from a previous marriage and said he treated them and his own daughter well. After a while she became concerned with the anger he'd display to her son.

Reed testified on another occasion he was so mad she said Hudson started breaking things in her car and grabbed a coffee mug her daughter had made and smashed it. This happened in front of her daughter and her which upset them. She divorced him after less than a year of marriage. She said he was verbally abusive and while he never physically harmed her he did threatened to kill himself several times and would point a gun at his head.

We heard much more testimony throughout the day including from jailers who took care of Hudson in the Anderson County Jail after he was arrested for the murders. They talked about his short temper and threats he made against them.

We heard from Judith Skinner. She's formerly a sergeant at the Anderson County Jail and said Hudson had a constant animosity towards her, but she never knew why.

She says he threatened to shoot her and pointed his fingers at her one day making a gun gesture. She also said when she was transporting him one time he grabbed a jail key out of a control room slot and thought it was a funny joke.

Another former jailer Felipe Castillo Jr. of Bryan testified how Hudson removed a razor blade from shaving razor in his cell. The jailers found it in another cell after extensive searches. He also said Hudson became extremely upset when he told him to stop acting up and to think about the other people who love him like his mother and daughter.

We also heard from ex-girlfriend Amanda Hyden. She says he pointed a gun at her several times including when she was pregnant with their daughter. She had an on and off again relationship with him hoping he'd change.

The trial resumes Friday morning at nine.