Jurors see interrogation interview of capital murder suspect at trial

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BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) - A Brazos County jury saw video of William Hudson, 35, after he allegedly killed six people at a campsite in East Texas.

Hudson's capital murder trial continued for a third day Friday. In court, the crowd and jurors watched a lengthy video tape interview of Hudson after he'd been detained for questioning. He's accused of killing six people in Tennessee Colony, near Palestine in 2015 as a group was camping.

Prosecutors believe he killed six people because he was upset they were on land his family had previously owned and he wanted to keep it. The victims ranged in age from six to 77-years-old. They were Carl Johnson, his daughter Hannah as well as her child Kade Johnson. Her longtime boyfriend Thomas Kamp and his two sons Nathan and Austin. Carl's wife Cindy survived the attacks hiding in the woods. Investigators said five were shot while Hannah was beaten to death.

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Investigator Ryan Tolliver with the Anderson County District Attorney's office took the stand. In the video, we see Hudson being read his rights while he's in handcuffs. He admits to investigators he helped two people at the property that were stuck in the mud, but claims to not know anything about the killings.

Investigators ask him about what he was doing the night of the murders. He says after having a couple drinks with the nice people he met, he went home to watch movies. Investigators pressed him on what was in the second movie and he couldn't provide details.

Hudson also can't explain how one of the murder victim's Hannah Johnson's car got to his family's house. He says in the video he found it the next morning at his mom's house and took the keys out of it. Investigator Tolliver testified Hudson appeared coherent and not intoxicated or impaired during questioning. In the video he also believes there is blood on Hudson's hands and cuticles.

Jessica Haas is a DNA Section Manager for the Texas Department of Public Safety Lab in Garland. She testified that more than 300 items were tested, the most she's ever had. She also talked about a recent law requiring all biological samples be tested when a death penalty case is being sought.

Haas confirms that DNA of several of the victims are found on Hudson's clothing. Some of the victim's blood is also found in an Airstream camper, an ATV, and Kubota Tractor. Hudson's hands and cuticles also had some of the victim's DNA on them, according to Haas.

Haas also states that DNA of murder victim Hannah Johnson was found on the boxers of the defendant. She didn't know if that sample was skin or something else.

Defense Attorney Jeff Herrington questions about how easy it is to transfer DNA from one person to another just by shaking hands, touching or encountering.

Lisa Tanner with the Attorney General's Office also asked Haas if Hannah Johnson's DNA was found on Hudson. She confirmed that was the case.

Anderson County District Attorney Allyson Mitchell couldn't say when the defense will start making their case. She expects next week to be very busy.

William Hudson remain in the Brazos County Jail during the change of venue trial. His bond is $2.5 million. Hudson could get the death penalty if he's convicted.