Jury hears from lone survivor of attacks in capital murder trial

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BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) - The lone survivor of a mass murder in East Texas told a Brazos County jury she went into "survival mode" after seeing William Hudson kill her husband and daughter. The state rested their case after Cindy Johnson's testimony.

Hudson is on trial for the deaths of Carl and Hannah Johnson. They were two of the six victims found near Tennessee Colony in Anderson County in November of 2015.

The state rested their case a little before 4:00 p.m. Monday. The court heard powerful testimony from Cindy Johnson. She was the only survivor and pointed out Hudson as the suspect in the courtroom.

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She testified that she and her husband arrived at the property on County Road 2217 first and got their pickup and Airstream trailer stuck in the mud. They were making quite a bit of noise and she was frustrated. She said Hudson came out to see what all the noise was and appeared annoyed. He offered to help and eventually got them unstuck. Johnson remembers saying his behavior was strange.

Johnson said they offered to pay Hudson, but he said he wanted to spend time with them and drink a couple beers. She said he joined them around the campsite and among the group talked about having the locks cut being disrespectful. Carl had to cut a lock to get on the property when they arrived. The land was recently purchased by Thomas Kamp, who was dating Carl's daughter Hannah.

Cindy said they apologized about the lock and Carl said he and Hudson were friends now. Later, Cindy said Thomas Kamp, Nathan and Austin Kamp as well as 6-year-old Kade went to gather. Hannah, Carl and Cindy Johnson stayed at the campsite and worked on dinner. Johnson said they heard gunshots at some point after dark and though it might be target shooting or squirrel hunting. They noticed how it was taking so long for the group to get back. They'd been gone at least an hour Johnson said.

Cindy said eventually Tom Kamp's ATV returned but only William Hudson was on it. They were alarmed and wondered where everyone else was. Hannah became very upset too.

Cindy testified after Hudson and her husband were talking about what had happend, Hudson shot at Carl and attacked both her and Hannah. Carl fell into the Airstream Trailer. Hannah was also attacked inside. Cindy said she hid near the a lawn chair and laid on the ground until after sunrise. She was able to call 9-1-1 the next morning. Despite being bitten by fire ants, Johnson said she tried to stay awake but fell asleep.

Monday morning, the jury heard from several people who talked about William Hudson obsessing over the land he and his family had maintained and worked on. We also heard him talk about how that land should be his and that he was upset other people had it.

Jennifer Lindsey, a first cousin of Hudson's, took the stand Monday morning. She testified he was upset about locks that were taken off a gate and he wanted them back. She said she had no idea about the locks. Lindsey testified he called again, late that night, at their Granny's house still asking about them. She was upset he'd called so late, worrying her small child would be woken up, and hung up on him. She says she also took the phone off the receiver.

The jury also heard several jail phone recordings between Hudson, his mom and a former girlfriend. Aneshia Thompson, an investigator with the Anderson County District Attorney's Office, testified. She listened to the telephone conversations extensively.

While in jail Hudons continues to talk about buying the land and keeping it in the family. He said in a recording several times it's my land." He also encouraged his mom to be smart with her investments. In another phone call, he talks about acquiring the land his own way.

The jury also heard more testimony from Michael Adcock with the Texas Rangers. The court was shown surveillance video from Hudson's mother's house showing his movement the day of the murders and the following day. The video shows an orange Hudson riding an orange Kubota tractor, as well as Hannah Johnson's white Toyota coming to the property.

The defense starts their case Tuesday morning. Hudson remains in the Brazos County Jail during the change of venue trial. His bond is $2.5 million.