Brazos County jury orders Allstate to pay $200k to crash victim hurt by under-insured driver

BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) - A Brazos County jury awarded a car crash victim $200,000, to be paid by his own insurance company, for personal injury he incurred from an under-insured driver.

Chad Jones, of Chad Jones Law in College Station, represented the victim and joined First News at Four to discuss the case involving Allstate.

"The other driver had liability insurance, but my client had injuries that were going to require more treatment and even surgeries," said Jones.

Jones says that when he asked Allstate to honor his client's under-insured policy, they said "No, take us to court."

So, Jones did, and won.

"I think one thing we all know about Brazos County citizens and jurors is that they want people to follow the rules," said Jones. "The rule here was, he didn't cause the wreck, he was injured, and there's coverage there."

While most people won't end up taking a large insurance company to court, Jones says everyone can take a lesson away from this case: get personal injury protection coverage as an added layer of financial protection.

For the full discussion with Chad Jones, see the video player above.