Justin Timberlake bringing sexy back to the Super Bowl

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In trending news today, while Justin Timberlake is preparing to take the field for Super Bowl LII, new company Uniquely J goes live online and a Titanic memento fetches a pretty penny at auction.

First up, multiple Grammy-winning artist Justin Timberlake is set to headline the Superbowl Pepsi half-time show. He made the announcement on Twitter Sunday night in a comedy sketch with "Tonight Show" host Jimmy Fallon.

Pepsi and the NFL confirmed the news. This is his first time headlining the show since 2004, after a wardrobe malfunction on stage with Janet Jackson. The 52nd Super Bowl will be held in Minneapolis on February 4, 2018.

Also trending today, Jet.com's new brand "Uniquely J" is now live. "Uniquely J" is geared toward urban millennials who don't have time to shop, yet want quality, organic and free trade grocery products.

The company is starting out with 50 items, ranging from coffee and avocado oil to cleaning products, all wrapped up in hip packaging to appeal to a younger demo. The company says it will add more items over time.

Finally, a letter written on the doomed Titanic Voyage has been sold for a small fortune. The document, written by passenger Alexander Holverson, earned $166,000 at auction.That's about $60,000 more than was expected.

The letter is dated April 13, 1912, one day before the legendary ship hit and iceberg and sank in the Atlantic. Holverson wrote the note to his mother. It contains the eerie line: "If all goes well we will arrive in New York Wednesday a.m." Holverson was among the 1,500 people to die on the titanic. About 700 people, including Holverson's wife, survived the incident.