Justin Timberlake's fruit mash-up goes viral

In trending news this morning, Justin Timberlake's berry good idea is getting picked up by Driscoll's, two divers make a flippery friend, and a break-dancing robber is caught on camera.

First up, Justin Timberlake is bringing berry back. The pop superstar posted on Instagram last year that a blueberry fits perfectly inside of a raspberry. He called the combination a "braspberry."

Monday, Driscoll's released photos of prepackaged, hand-picked and hand-stuffed "brasberries." The company specified that the pictures were just for promotional purposes for now, because of the amount of labor required to create the sweet snack.

Also trending, two men made a new friend while diving off the Isle of Man coast. Colin Peters and Jim Self dive a lot in the area and were surprised when a male seal stopped to play with them, giving hugs and kisses.

They said seals normally just have a quick look, maybe nibble on fins and go away. Located southwest off Isle of Man, Call of Man is a little island with a large colony of seals living and breeding on its rocky coastline.

Lastly, a California burglar was caught on camera break dancing after he illegal entered a business. According to police, the man used a set of keys to enter the building.

He was later arrested after stealing a laptop from the business.