KBTX team participates in 'Ryan's Challenge'

Ryan is like all little boys. He loves, laughs, plays, and can be mischievous.

The 3-year-old from College Station has a great smile, and when he laughs it is infectious. He has no clue he is living with a condition that could end his life without warning.

His parents have decided they could not sit idly by and wait for things to change, so they formed a charity in their son’s name called Ryan's Challenge.

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The latest goal for Ryan's family is to take a record-setting number of selfies with talk show hosts and television news reporters. The family paid a visit last week to KBTX to take photos with several members of the staff.

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According to the National Institutes of Health, as many as 1 in every 250,000 people have this disorder and many do not know they have it until they experience a tragic event. Sometimes vEDS is not diagnosed until a person dies so no one truly knows how frequent this condition is. There is no known treatment or cure for vEDS.

If you'd like to help out please reach out to ryan@ryanschallenge.org