Keeping kids safe from online predators

BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) - The Brazos County Sheriff's Office says they can't keep registered sex offenders from using the internet.

Investigator Trey Oldham said that, unless that person is on parole or probation, they can have access. It can lead to some offenders trying to reach out to kids on social media.

Amy Cradduck is a mother of three and wants to keep her kids safe from predators online. That’s why she doesn’t allow her kids to access any sites where instant messaging is involved.

“If they don’t honor that rule then they’re not allowed to get on those sites,” said Cradduck.

Amy says she makes sure her kids are aware of online predators and wants them to stay alert.

“We talk about everything and I think that they would come and let us know if they had a strange interaction online,” said Cradduck.

Oldham says even though they can’t stop them from being online, many sites have their own rules that can. For those who don’t follow the rules, sites like Facebook encourage users to report their profiles so they can be deactivated.