Kemp-Carver teacher wins grant for African-American teachings

BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) - A local fourth grade teacher received a grant for her lessons during Black History Month.

Suddenlink partnered with the History Channel to bring lesson resources to classes around the nation that focus on African-American innovators. Every student in Kemp-Carver elementary School’s Julie Bowman’s class has spent the last few weeks researching influential African-Americans in history.

“The individuals they’re looking about in there: Rosa Parks, Thurgood Marshall, Jackie Robinson are heroes to all of us, and education was central in all of theirs. So that’s what really Altice USA and History Channel are coming together to promote in all the schools,” said Travis Nance with Suddenlink.

Mrs. Bowman was awarded a $500 grant for her class’ focus on African-Americans who have made history.