Kroger plans to launch new clothing line in stores

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In trending news this morning, Kroger has announced plans to launch its own line of apparel. The company promises its line of men's, women's and children's clothing will be "playful, simple and uplifting."

Kroger stock has taken a beating this year, falling nearly forty percent in the face of food deflation and discounts. The new line of clothing debuts next fall in 300 locations. That's just a fraction of the almost 2,800 stores Kroger has across the U.S. Kroger has also invested in online shopping technology and experimented with opening a restaurant.

Also trending, with 60 years in the air under her belt, Bette Nash is the most experienced flight attendant in the world. This weekend, Bette celebrated her anniversary, in the sky!

She says she first reported for training 60 years ago at what was then Eastern Airlines, you know it now as American Airlines. She says back when she first earned her wings, you had to be a certain height and weight to become a flight attendant and passengers could smoke on board. She also said when she started, passengers would buy life insurance from a vending machine before paying their airfare on board.

Bette says serving sodas and making announcements is more than a job -- Its her life, her dream and her passion.

Lastly, a soldier returning from training surprised his girlfriend at a football game, but he had another, even bigger surprise for her up his sleeve. Isaac Anderson's girlfriend, Grace Schebler, is a member of the Hawkeye marching band.

He used to be in the band, but is now an Army lieutenant stationed at Fort Benning, Georgia. Isaac's return during the game wasn't the only surprise he had in store. He proposed to grace right there in the stands. She said yes. According to the university, both Isaac and Grace's parents also met in band.