Law Enforcement cracking down on jaywalkers near Northgate

Published: Dec. 4, 2019 at 7:01 PM CST
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Texas A&M Transportation Institute and the City of College Station are starting a campaign to address jaywalking at the University Drive and South College/Bizzell intersection in College Station.

After already expanding the sidewalks and improving the layout of the intersection to reduce accidents, there is still a great deal of jaywalking.

A&M Transportation’s Regents Fellow Tim Lomax said after they improved the intersection, they have been waiting for better behavior from pedestrians.

“There are really two behaviors that concern me,” Lomax said. “One is the diagonal crossing, the other one is being on the crosswalk, but crossing against the light. You see a gap in traffic, and you think ‘Oh, I can make it,’ well, that’s not a great move either.”

The project will include two phases, where the city is updating the signage in the intersection, and then law enforcement will step in and start ticketing jaywalkers and drivers who do not abide by the “no turn on red” sign.

Lomax said the traffic near Northgate and campus is more like a large city downtown area.

“We’re in the fourth largest downtown of the state,” said Lomax. “Houston, Dallas, and Austin are the top three, and we’re number four.”

It’s a challenge that businesses near the intersection deal with every day.

Schlotzsky’s Assistant Manager Brian Murrell said he has to be extra cautious when driving to work.

“One of my cashiers almost hit somebody, because they just weren’t paying attention,” said Murrell. “They were walking across listening to headphones, not paying attention.”

Murrell doesn’t think putting yourself in danger is worth the shortcut.

“That one minute of them being late to class versus them being hit by a car, I mean, is it worth it?” said Murrell.

Lomax wants pedestrians to know that changes are coming soon, and you can expect to see the changes at the end of December.

“During the break, we’re going to be putting up better signage to remind people to cross with the light and in the marked crosswalks,” said Lomax. “Then after the Spring semester starts we’ll be out here to remind people of that. We’ll also have officers out here ticketing for jaywalking and for the no turn on red.”

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