Leon County residents visit Austin to argue against high-speed rail

Published: Mar. 7, 2017 at 10:45 PM CST
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Four busloads of Brazos Valley residents made their way to the Texas State Capitol on Tuesday to voice their concerns over a proposed high-speed rail that would would pass through their private property.

KBTX's Matthew Villanueva was with the 39 people from Leon County who took one of those buses to Austin to lobby with elected officials.

Jim Miles has filed a lawsuit in hopes of stopping the project. His argument is eminent domain and he'll be going to court in April.

"Someone has to take control and somebody has to fight them. Blake Buckman and I, we've decided to fight them." said Miles.

With it being a legislative session year, the urgency is more pressing than ever for Miles and many others to have their testimony heard by lawmakers.

"The project speaks for itself. It's a practical disaster waiting to happen. The stories that our folks are bringing just add icing to our cake. The reality of it is is that there's a lot of people's lives are going to be destroyed, not only within this corridor, but the rest of Texas as it becomes a tax payer subsidized railroad project." says Kyle Workman, President of the Texans Against High-Speed Rail.

Miles's group went door-to-door to several offices where they handed out written accounts to representatives and their aides, warning that even if they're land won't be affected, it's only a matter of time before they are financially.

The group pushing for the train, Texas Central, says 9,000 letters in support of the project were delivered to lawmakers on Monday.

"It’s clear that Texans support the Bullet Train for a variety of reasons, including economic development and job creation and their desire for a choice when traveling between Houston and North Texas," according to a statement posted on