Local Church hosts annual Easter celebration in the park

COLLEGE STATION, Tex. (KBTX)- Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church hosted its 14th annual Easter celebration Sunday.

As the morning light rose on Easter Sunday, people gathered in Central Park in College Station to celebrate the holiday.

Pastor Caleb Schoeneck says, the traditional service outdoors connects the people to the true purpose of the holiday.

“It's the same way it was done the first time. The tomb was empty it's outside, the morning air was there he darkness was there the light was coming and we get to experience that first hand when we do it outside here at the park," says Schoeneck.

Kids gathered on the lawn for the Easter egg hunt and one special guest, a bunny, made an appearance.

Nicole Thompson's family comes out to this event every year, and she says she always looks forward to the opportunity to bring the community together and have some fun.

“I love to watch the Easter egg hunt. It’s the little kids that get out here and just race to get those eggs," Thompson says.

Breakfast was provided to those who attended, but Pastor Schoeneck says it’s the purpose of the holiday that means the most.

“Its an opportunity not just to have an easter egg hunt, not just to have breakfast but its an opportunity for people to come and hear that Easter is about the message that Jesus rose from the dead," says Pastor Schoeneck.

Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church looks forward to hosting the annual event in Central Park next Easter.