Local CrossFit gyms seek change following CEO's controversial tweet

Published: Jun. 11, 2020 at 5:25 AM CDT
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Gyms across the country and in the Brazos Valley are working to make changes after the CEO of CrossFit made a comment online some are calling racist.

On Saturday, former CrossFit CEO Greg Glassman wrote on Twitter, "It's FLOYD-19" in response to a tweet about racism being a critical public health issue.

The next day, Sawed-Off CrossFit Owner Terrance Smith joined a Zoom call with Glassman and about 50 black CrossFit affiliate owners to get some answers.

"We all just wanted a couple of things to happen when he said that," said Smith. "Obviously we wanted him to be clear as to what he was saying, apologize and then from there we wanted to kind of see some changes be made in terms of the direction that CrossFit is going."

Smith says about two hours after the Zoom call, Glassman issued an apology and on Tuesday, he stepped down as CEO.

Smith now hopes to see changes at CrossFit Headquarters.

"We wanted to see changes from the top-down in order to get, you know, more people of black and brown descent in the actual walls of CrossFit Headquarters to make changes from the top-down, because as it stands now, no one is kind of in there to speak up for anyone that is black or brown. So if there’s going to be changes made, where is it going to come from?" said Smith.

Other gyms across the country, including CrossFit Aggieland, are removing the CrossFit brand from their identity. Crossfit Aggieland is now operating as "Aggieland Strong."

"We’re still going to be doing the same kind of workouts we’ve always been doing, but for us being Aggieland Strong allows us to control our narrative which is one of unity, not division," said one of the gym's owner and operators, Will Schaub.

"Where CrossFit goes from here? We will see," said Smith. "We hope that it’s in the right direction because this is really a great time to educate everybody on everything that’s going on."