Local DJ still running to Las Vegas despite multiple setbacks along the route

COLLEGE STATION, Tex. (KBTX)- Running from College Station to Nevada sounds like an impossible task a local DJ is pushing forward with his goal of reaching Las Vegas by running 45 marathons in 45 days despite several setbacks.

Robert Mwandia, also known as DJ Rob, left College Station on June 1st and has been running the length of one marathon most days. He's doing this to raise awareness and money for a new music festival he hopes to bring to the Brazos Valley.

Rob is still working on where to host the festival but says it would include live acts from musicians across several genres. His target date is sometime in the fall of 2020.

"My plan is for the festival to not only bring world-class entertainment but to partner with local charities to raise funds and awareness," he said.

We asked Rob last week to update us on his progress. As of Monday night, he was near Cubero, New Mexico just west of Albuquerque.

Here's what he told us:

"Our first few weeks from College Station went well. We woke up daily at 3 a.m to prepare for the day ahead of us and started at 4 a.m to avoid the summer heat. Having run a ton of miles prior I was confident with my fitness in preparation for the run but lacked knowledge in nutrition.

Dehydration and Stretching I found thanks to an expert on Facebook who reached out was what caused our first set back. As we got to Abilene about 10 marathons in my left Achilles was experiencing major pain. I run another 26 miles and woke up the next morning with tendonitis in left Achilles.

Thanks to the folks at ‘Rebound Sports & Physical Therapy‘ I received Dry Needling therapy and stretching which helped tremendously. I was also asked to take a week off to heal but got back on the road two days later in fear of getting too behind on our arrival date.

About 5 days later, unfortunately, I hit another roadblock as my driver was unable to finish the journey with us. Thanks to friends on social media after posting I was looking for a new driver I was able to drive back to College Station and pick up a friend Philip Rosas who joined me for the rest of the journey.

My body at this point had adjusted well and I was running each day at a very steady pace and was even making up lost mileage due to the tendonitis.

On my birthday June 27th we finally crossed state lines into New Mexico and run 34 miles for my 34th birthday and was very excited.

Two days later on the 29th of June, I woke up in the middle of the night in severe pain in my abdominal area. I tried to sleep it off but the pain persisted and was forced to head to the emergency room. After a CT scan, I was diagnosed with appendicitis and required surgery immediately before it raptured.

Thankfully the staff at Presbyterian Hospital in Albuquerque NM carried out the procedure without any complications. I have been asked to rest for six weeks but have already begun a recovery routine this week which is going well and feeling great.

There is minimal pain and just some discomfort. I plan to be back on the road Sunday, July 7th and progressively improve my pace to running again to arrive on our new arrival date July 26th in Las Vegas.

Everyone can continue to follow our journey to daily updates on health, location and miles covered on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with my handle @robmwandia."

Click here to see his promotional video.

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