Local Firefighter making Grimes County history

TODD MISSION, Tex. (KBTX)- Cassandra Malone was elected the new Fire Chief at Todd Mission last week, after an anonymous vote. Malone has been a firefighter for seven years and has spent her entire career at Todd Mission.

Inspired by her grandparent’s selflessness, Cassandra Malone always knew she wanted to be a firefighter.

But that dream came with doubts.

"Because I’m so tiny, and I’m also a female,” says Malone.

Now, she is in a position that has never happened before. As the new Fire Chief, she's become the first female to have that position Grimes County history.

"To me, it just means that I have more responsibility to take the initiative to be an outstanding leader; so that future generations, there will be other women who step up and take chief positions and do a fantastic job,” Malone says.

A job that Assistant Fire Chief Justin Correa says is an inspiration to not just their firehouse, but others.

"She sets the new bar especially here in Grimes County as far as what we want to be and our goals going forward. Females are pushing the limits showing what they can do and work alongside men and do the same job if not better than some men and it’s incredible,” says Correa.

Malone says sometimes, being a trailblazer means working ten times harder, just to prove you belong.

"Train harder than anybody else don't let anybody's words get you down. You are going to be the hardest critique of yourself but by all means and because you are a female doesn't mean you get cut any slack,” says Malone.

The Todd Mission Fire Department said they look forward to being a part of changing the culture of the fire service.