Local pastor reacts to Notre Dame Cathedral fire

COLLEGE STATION, Tex. (KBTX) On Thursday, authorities investigating the Notre Dame fire say the blaze was most likely caused by an electrical short-circuit as workers were conducting renovations.

Fr. Albert Laforet, the Pastor at St. Thomas Aquinas in College Station spoke with KBTX about his personal and fond memories of the cathedral.

"I was struck at the beauty and grandeur of the place and the age of the place," Laforet said.

He says the first image of the fire he saw was a photo sent to him on his cell phone.

"You are deeply sorrowed because it means a lot to the French people and I'm of French heritage," Laforet added.

But he says the fire has a different impact on those born in France.

"I would say if you're a French national, and you're from France, you feel a heck a of a lot more than I do because it's part of who you are," said Laforet.

And while parts of the church were destroyed, Laforet's favorite part remains.

"The pietà. There's a beautiful statue of the pietà, which is the Virgin Mary holding the dead body of Jesus. That was probably my favorite part of that church and it's still there. It survived the fire," Laforet said.

About 50 investigators are working to figure out the exact cause of the fire, and as of Thursday, at least 40 people have been questioned although authorities do believe the fire was an accident.