Local UPS driver retires after 29 years on same route

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BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) - It was nothing but hugs for Larry Yung when he came by the UPS Hub.

Larry worked driving the same route through downtown Bryan for 29 years, though he's quick to point out it's actually 28 and a half.

"The employees and the customers mean a lot to me, and the job meant a lot to me. I've got 6 kids and 4 grand kids. Couldn't have done it without this job," said Yung.

He's retiring because of medical issues. He's had a few surgeries over the last 5 years that are forcing him to take a step back.

Larry has had a big impact on everyone who works at the hub, including Ryan King, one of the on-road supervisors.

"He was the first service provider I met when I started working here. He was one of the UPSers that has ingrained the integrity and the respect of what I have and do on a daily basis," said King.

Before cutting the cake and getting on to their routes, Yung and the drivers took one last stretch together.

"It's a tough job and it's tough on the body but it was a great job for me. It was a perfect fit," said Yung.