Local author releases science-fiction novel

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CENTERVILLE, Tex. (KBTX) - A Centerville man is embarking on a new passion and excited to announce the release of his new science-fiction saga.

At 76, Donald Hervey has written a unique story called Calypso Founding. The story details a group of people who decide to leave earth and embark on a journey to live life on a new star.

Hervey received his masters at Texas A&M University and spent his life as a mechanical engineer and teacher. He says recent space explorations is what prompted him to write this story.

"I decided when billionaires started investing their money in space, that it made sense finally that we could go to another star," said Hervey. "I decided that that message should be put down and that it could really work to get to another star. Not only is it possible but it is probable."

The Calypso Founding saga will eventually include five different books. Currently the first two in the series are available . via Amazon E-Books.